The Innovation School presents thought leaders from specific industries to share their ideas with the GSA Community and beyond. For its inaugural Design Innovation talk series, we are proud to host Nicolas de Cordes, VP Marketing Anticipation, Orange Group.

Nicolas de Cordes is Vice President Marketing Anticipation for the Orange Group in charge of identifying trends and innovation opportunities for Orange, as well as exploring the use of Data for Development.

He worked in the past in various senior strategy and marketing positions for affiliates and for the Group in Belgium, in the UK and in France. Before joining Orange, he worked as a consultant for Accenture and The Boston Consulting Group, and is a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique of Brussels.

Nicolas is member of the World Economic Forum’s Council on “The Future of Humanitarian System” and was previously on the “Data-Driven Development” Council. He is a Board member of Paris21 at OCDE, and served on the UN Secretary-General Independent Expert Advisory Group on the “Data Revolution for Development.”

Nicolas is owner of patents in BigData, the internet of things and in 3D Printing, and is a co-founder and Executive Committee member of the OPAL an open algorithm platform initiative with MIT, the WEF, Imperial College London and DPA. He is also co-founder of Digital Forming, a UK based start-up in Co-Design and 3D printing.

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